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In Search of The Mothman

Available for development!

In Search of The Mothman follows two young sisters trapped in a life transition after an unexpected tragedy strikes their hometown. Emily is just trying to make it through her senior year and get into music school, while Jordan moves across the country to Point Pleasant, West Virginia under the joke of "searching for The Mothman". Through honesty and humor, the sisters try to work through their trauma and grapple with what lives they want to lead in the aftermath. A play about coming together and pulling away in tragedy, the confines of community expectations and whether we can truly know the people we love.

Development History:

21st Century Voices at American Stages (Workshop Reading) | 2021

In Search of the Mothman: About Me

New Play Exchange Recommendations

"Came for Mothman, stayed for this dark, funny, and touching relationship between two sisters dealing with their own grief and guilt."

"To use an urban legend like the Mothman as an extended metaphor for the aching, searching, evolving entity that is grief was a wonderful choice!"

"The dialogue flows so naturally and is suffused with just enough humor and edge to feel like a real, lived-in sibling relationship—despite being surrounded by supernatural elements."

In Search of the Mothman: Testimonials
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