It's a Small World (or The Robot Play)

Anne (an engineer in recovery) and Cyrus (a former coffee pot, now robot poet) take the long trip from Disney World to Canandaigua to get Cyrus back home to Anne’s childhood best friend, Adam. Along the way, the duo meet other people and small kitchen appliances that are just as lost as they are while they try to discover what home truly is.


World Premiere Production at Bristol Valley Theater | August 2022

Development History:

Bristol Valley Theater New Play Initiative (Staged Reading) | 2019

Pegasus PlayLab at UCF (Workshop Reading) | 2019

Flint Repertory Theatre New Works Festival (Staged Reading) | 2019

Activate Midwest New Play Festival (Workshop Reading) | 2018

A monologue from this play can be found in Smith and Kraus Best Men's Monologues of 2019! Click here to order your copy on Amazon. 

In Search of The Mothman

In Search of The Mothman follows two young sisters trapped in a life transition after an unexpected tragedy strikes their hometown. Emily is just trying to make it through her senior year and get into music school, while Jordan moves across the country to Point Pleasant, West Virginia under the joke of "searching for The Mothman". Through honesty and humor, the sisters try to work through their trauma and grapple with what lives they want to lead in the aftermath. A play about coming together and pulling away in tragedy, the confines of community expectations and whether we can truly know the people we love.

Development History:

21st Century Voices at American Stages (Workshop Reading) | 2021


Lacking Experience

The talent show is quickly approaching for Lacking Experience, an all girls high school Jimi Hendrix cover band. When their drummer has to quit unexpectedly, Ella (the guitarist) and Hannah (the singer and bassist) will have to team up with high school senior Nora to pull together one last good show for Ella's mom. But with families falling apart and small town bigotry that's proving to be harder than expected. This coming of age story explores becoming your own person and surviving even when it feels like the world is crumbling around you.

Development History:

Mitten Lab Artist Residency in partnership with Interlochen Performing Arts Academy & Parallel 45 (Staged Reading Excerpt) | 2019

Activate Midwest New Play Festival (Workshop Reading) | 2019