Short Plays

The Speedy Gonzales Memorial Turtle Sanctuary

 When Diana comes home from the trial, she expects to find Carmen in a heightened state. What she doesn't expect, however, is to find that she's made their backyard into a sanctuary for stray turtles. This play explores the extremes we will go to in order to cope and the understanding necessary for us to be there for the ones we love. 


City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting (Finalist) | 2019

Sandbox Theatre Festival Second Place Winner | 2019

Gary Garrison 10 Minute Play Award (Region 3 Regional Finalist) | 2018

Production History:

MadLab Theatre Roulette | Postponed due to Covid-19

Sandbox Play Festival at Tipping Point Theatre | 2019

Development History: 

City Theatre She Shorts Sneak Peek (Concert Reading) | 2019

Baby Dyke Whisperer

Betty is on her first date with a woman and trying her best to figure out her sexuality. Fortunately for her, she's on a date with Erin, The Baby Dyke Whisperer. This play explores LGBT culture, figuring out one's sexuality, and the complicated relationship queer women have with the word 'dyke.'


City Theatre National Award for Short Playwriting (Finalist) | 2020

Production History:

The Q Collective Coming Out Play Festival | 2019

Development History:

Theatre Kalamazoo New Play Festival (staged reading) | 2019

Miss Julie

Julie and Jean stumble back from their senior prom, staring down the barrel of college. Julie's hung up on a play she had to read for advanced drama, and Jean just wants to slide under the radar. A play about being left behind and functioning in an art form that's historically hated you.

Development History:

Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival (concert reading) | 2020

Theatre Kalamazoo New Play Festival (staged reading) | 2020

Theresa's Breasts

Theresa wants to live one million lifetimes and believes the only way to do so is to leave their husband, but Husband wants to belong to Theresa, even if that means living forever. It's a reimagining the story as old as time, of wars waged over assassinations and the murder of constellations. A genderqueer love story based off of "The Breasts of Tiresias" by Guillaume Apollinaire.

Development History:

Women's Theatre Festival Occupy The Stage 2020 (online staged reading) | 2020


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